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Coaching Middle Managers & High Potentials

The oldest millennial turns 40 in 2021 and is ready to take on mid-level to senior-level roles. Are you offering them the appropriate tools to address their career development needs?

Managing mid-level and high potential managers can be challenging. Giving this group the development and stretch opportunities they need to realise their significant potential and keeping them motivated and engaged is even tougher. Research from Capterra confirms this struggle and suggests most businesses aren’t doing enough to prepare their managers, with 40% of managers reporting that they received less than two hours of managerial training.


In this on-demand webinar, UKI Behavioural Scientist, Windy Tshepiso Maledu covers:

- Unique challenges for middle managers & high potentials

- What middle managers & high potentials need to become great leaders

- How to tailor your L&D efforts to support your middle managers & high potentials

- How coaching can play a critical part for success

- The ripple effect in business performance


About the speaker:

With over 15 years experience in leadership development across the globe, designing, developing, facilitating, and coaching across the leadership pipeline, Windy is passionate about coaching, leadership and behavioural change. As a Senior Behavioural Scientist for CoachHub, she helps advance the science of digital coaching and behaviour change at scale in CoachHub's Coaching Lab. Windy helps organisations worldwide to effectively design, implement and evaluate their coaching programmes. As a coach she continues to impact lives one coaching conversation at a time.