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Coaching Senior & Exec-level Management for Measurable Business Impact

Executive leaders have an overwhelming job. Not only are they set with the mammoth task of setting the direction for their organisations, but they also have to step back and ensure broader goals, personal development targets as well as the wider team or organisational targets are united. They also need to be key motivators and role models in their organisations.

Being an executive or very senior leader is challenging at the best of times. It can be all-consuming, lonely and extremely stressful. But during times of upheaval, disruption to existing business models and uncertainty, responsibilities become over-bearing. How do you set direction when the future is unclear? How do you inspire and create a culture of innovation with limited resources?

In this webinar, Behavioural Scientist, Windy Tshepiso Maledu, covers:

- Unique challenges for exec-level managers
- What exec-level managers need to overcome today's challenging and uncertain environment
- How to tailor your L&D efforts to support your exec-level managers
- How coaching can play a critical part for success
- The ripple effect in business performance

About the speaker:

With over 15 years experience in leadership development across the globe, designing, developing, facilitating, and coaching across the leadership pipeline, Windy is passionate about coaching, leadership and behavioural change. As a Senior Behavioural Scientist for CoachHub, she helps advance the science of digital coaching and behaviour change at scale in CoachHub's Coaching Lab. Windy helps organisations worldwide to effectively design, implement and evaluate their coaching programmes. As a coach she continues to impact lives one coaching conversation at a time.