Does Coaching Work? On Demand Webinar

Latest Research Around The Effectiveness Of Coaching For People Development



During this webinar CoachHub's Behavioural Scientist, Rosie Evans, presents the scientific and business case, for choosing coaching in order to transform your teams and grow your company. Key learnings:

  •  Evolution of coaching
  • How to measure coaching effectiveness
  •  The active ingredients in coaching
  • Coaching outcomes: coachees
  • Coaching outcomes: organisations
  •  How CoachHub measures impact
  •  Future Research at CoachHub


Rosie is a British psychologist who works in CoachHub’s coaching laboratory, helping to promote the science of coaching and behavioural change. As a behavioural scientist, Rosie supports organisations worldwide in developing coaching programmes that provide behavioural solutions to organisational challenges and change. The goal of Rosie's coaching approach is to help people make informed decisions for a fulfilling life that is consistent with their values and interests.