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How digital coaching can support your workforce wellbeing

Ever since the changes brought about by COVID19 pandemic, wellbeing has been at the forefront of everyone's minds. It is no secret that COVID19 has devastated workers' mental health. Organizations are still figuring out the best approach and methods to employee well-being, whilst still figuring out what well-being truly means in the Corona pandemic.

At CoachHub, we know a personalized and proactive approach is the most sustainable and effective way to support your employees during these trying times. As we launch our new well-being offering CoachHub Wellbeing™, we want to share with you how best to support your employees now, and how to take preventive steps to avoid well-being issues in the future.

In this on demand webinar, Principal Behavioral Scientist Rosie Evans covers:

- Barriers to mental health in the workplace
- The business case for well-being
- How coaching can help
- CoachHub's scientific framework & approach to well-being coaching 


About Rosie

Rosie is a British psychologist, neuroscientist and mindfulness consultant, who works in CoachHub’s coaching laboratory, helping to promote the science of coaching and behavioural change. As a behavioral scientist, Rosie supports organizations worldwide in developing coaching programmes that provide behavioral solutions to organizational challenges and change. The goal of Rosie's coaching approach is to help people make informed decisions for a fulfilling life that is consistent with their values and interests.