How digital platforms can democratise coaching in Asia Pacific

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For too long, coaching has been inflexible, unscalable, and inaccessible to anyone, but the highest executives. This has been especially true in Asia, where traditional management styles tend to prevail in large enterprises and small-and-medium businesses alike. These styles emphasise great power distance between managers and team members, as well as hierarchy, authority, and centralised decision-making — none of which are conducive to personal development.

But in our VUCAH world, the cult of the top brass no longer cuts it. To adapt and thrive, organisations need to invest in the growth and success of employees across all career levels.

In this whitepaper we look at:
  • Challenges and concerns
  • Values of coaching and how it comes in
  • How to democratise coaching with digital tools
  • Best practices for rolling out a digital coaching platform