Coachin culture

How to create a coaching culture

Collaboration, performance and engagement are being cited as the key HR and business drivers for 2021. The benefits of a coaching culture on these areas are profound. In fact, 70% of individuals who receive coaching report improved productivity and collaboration. And according to ICF research 46% of organizations that reported having a strong coaching culture also said that their revenue growth was above that of their peers, compared with 39% of organizations without a strong coaching culture.


How can we develop and build a strong coaching culture, to help companies thrive in 2021?


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- How to build a coaching culture


About Rosie

Rosie is a British psychologist, neuroscientist and mindfulness consultant, who works in CoachHub’s coaching laboratory, helping to promote the science of coaching and behavioural change. As a behavioral scientist, Rosie supports organisations worldwide in developing coaching programmes that provide behavioural solutions to organizational challenges and change. The goal of Rosie's coaching approach is to help people make informed decisions for a fulfilling life that is consistent with their values and interests.