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Coached Self-Reflection Makes IT Pros Happy and Stay

Most IT pros are interested in better behaviour to boost their productivity and well-being, but struggle to identify clear goals and actionable strategies.

Social science shows that purposeful, continuous self-reflection improves the awareness of IT professionals about their work habits, and also leads to positive self-improvements that boost their productivity and well-being.

But how can IT professionals really self-reflect with challenging contextual factors such as business demands, fast-changing tools, complexity, gender imbalance, and multi-daily meetings?

This is where coaching comes in: business coaches experienced in helping to provide IT pros with new perspectives and self-consciousness proves to empower them up to the path of self-reflection and -improvement.

During this webinar, you are provided with insights into the importance of wellbeing and self-consciousness at the workplace and especially the relevance of this for IT professionals.

About the speakers:
Patrick Rütten became a Master of Science in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Maastricht. At Daimler AG, one of the most well-known engineering companies in Europe, Patrick consulted on training projects, introduced training concepts and products based on didactic and instructional design methodologies, and created specific, engaging content via face-to-face, eLearning, webinars and online and hard/softcopy manuals. 

Davide Barbuto is an engineering manager at CoachHub,  ex-engineering team lead at Uberall, and former backend engineer at Ericsson. He recently obtained certificates for positive psychology, corporate and group coaching.