The Ultimate Guide to Establishing a Coaching Culture in your Company

The Ultimate Guide to Establishing a Coaching Culture in your Company

In the new normal we are part of, it will require new skills, new processes, new structures, and new ways of thinking. No one is going to have all the answers. By offering employees the opportunity to grow their skills and attain their goals through new perspectives, a culture of coaching can transform a workplace climate. Data connects everything from collaboration to increased revenue with coaching outcomes. In fact, 70% of individuals who receive coaching report improved productivity and collaboration. And according to ICF research, 46% of organisations that reported having a strong coaching culture also said that their revenue growth was above that of their peers, compared with 39% of organisations without a strong coaching culture.

As more organisations begin to recognise the value of a coaching culture, how can you establish one in your company? A starting point to do that would be by discussing the below:

- Why create a coaching culture?
- What are the elements of a coaching culture strategy?
- How do you effectively implement a coaching culture?

About the presenter:

Naila Abdul Karim is a Senior Behavioural Scientist at CoachHub. Her key mission is to connect science with practice while leveraging psychology, coaching, research and business expertise every day to create the best, most evidence-based solutions. She is deeply passionate about people development and enabling products that help people navigate their career and life through achieving their goals while unlocking their ultimate potential.

Previously, she worked at Hudson as a Senior Consultant in the talent management space, helping people unlock their superpowers and identifying their kryptonite to ninja their way through their career barriers. Her expertise lies in the design and application of various talent strategies and behavioural tools to identify and strengthen the workforce's capabilities. She has worked across a broad spectrum of talent solutions like talent assessment and development, coaching, psychometrics, leadership development and career transition. She also has led various localisation projects across the Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa, working with incredible teams from various ethnicities and backgrounds.

Naila holds a Master's Degree in Business Psychology from Heriot-Watt University. She is a certified Coach and Mentor with the Chartered Management Institute and a ICF Certified Coach. She is also a member of the British Psychological Society and Association of Talent Development.