Coaching for Middle Managers and High Potentials

Coaching for Middle Manager and High Potentials


Middle managers have become the liaison between line employees and business leaders. Their future leader prospect and vital positions have made retention all the more important. However, despite the stressed significance of middle managers, surveys show they remain one of the most dissatisfied groups.

With increased resignation rates and vacancies in middle management, high-potential and high performers who fill these roles are burnt-out and unappreciated. However, these problems can easily be rectified with the right preparation and support. To ensure retention and development of the middle sector, you must be fully equipped to support the necessary development and opportunities.

In this whitepaper we cover:

- Understanding the middle manager & high potentials
- The implications and challenges of neglected middle managers and high-potentials
- How to help middle managers & high potentials become great leaders
- The ripple effect in business performance